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2011. A solid year on many fronts. A disaster on others. Thats the way it goes I suppose. The fall of 2011 for me will forever be pivotal. Life did what it does at times and it happened to be my turn in the spin cycle. As I regain my bearings and reflect here is what i know to be absolutely fucking true. We, as people of the fly; obsessed, deranged and afflicted maybe never quite fit, we have always been standing just to the outside….people dont get it; how it consumes us and so by default really dont get us. At times that brings us into conflict and maybe at times makes us question not only our sanity but also our make up. So although I have always known that I NEED to fish I maybe never knew the depth as to the reason why. It is my church. It is the one place I feel absolutely clear and whole every single time. Without fail. Full stop. We have the gift to know that no matter what happens, what comes down in life….we can go to a body of water and cast….and in that moment it all melts away. And if it should all fall apart and the swell appears to be ready to consume us I know that I will be content to leave every single piece of it behind except a good coat, backpack, rod & a box of flies. That is all I need to start over. In a world where there is so much bullshit….strip us down to the most simple and we are content. Fly Fishing = Freedom. My resolution for 2012…..the relentless pursuit of both. Look the fuck out fish’z. Peace out 2011 and a happy New Year to all of you.


  1. dp

    i’ll raise a fuckin glass to that. happy new year to you too.

  2. Amen brother. Truer words have never been spoken.

    All the best in 2012.

  3. except it’s not a church.
    which makes kind of a difference, if you ask me.
    but man, how they don’t get it, that’s something.
    dead on

    • Unicorn Wrangler

      I suppose it depends how you view a church…some people feel whole when they “step in” its their place of worship….where they appreciate & find gratitude, humility, respect. Most importantly a place to feel cleansed. For me the river does all those things and more.

  4. I get your point
    god waters do that for me too… especially when I fall in

  5. Getting out is good. This summer should be a little less hectic for me fishing will be able to take centre stage again.

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