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Maybe one of the lesser known “last wild places” is the Spatsizi region. 200 miles north of Smithers BC it is vast, untouched and monstrous in size. Horseback and float plane are the only real ways to get around and it holds the headwaters of some of the most famous steelhead rivers in the world. The fishing and experience are phenomenal. Simply put it is stunning. Here is the first of a few pieces put together by DOUBLE HAUL PRODUCTIONS.


  1. Great vid, I’ve always wanted to hit that. Kinda thought “Last Wild Places” would be about some killer Canadian strip clubs…

    • Unicorn Wrangler

      Its worth hitting…one of the best trips i have been on… fish different places every day and it is solitude at its best.

  2. hulkster

    Pure Friggin magic. GREAT vid.

  3. aw

    Great video!
    Unbelievable that you were able to capture so many unicorns on film?!

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