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So after a shaky start (cancelled flights led to missed flights etc) I am on my way to Vietnam, where the currency is THE DONG….I love it. I am heading out for some business and to find the fella in the pic above. I dig his reel and want to try it out. I am also encouraged that should i need to i can trim his face whiskers to tie up some clousers. I brought my camera gear, rod, reelz and some flies and fully plan to ditch out and and find somewhere to cast at whatever. I cant find any real info on fly fishing there but that doesn’t mean i wont try. Who knows maybe there are some Ho Chi Min style tarpon cruising the outskirts of the Mekong Delta. I expect to keep fairly current posts whilst there. LOVE YOU LONG TIME BITCHES.


  1. hulkster

    ah so… Hope you have a chance meeting with the rare and very elusive Saola… the asian unicorn! It is a magical creature with TWO horns.
    Keep the shiny side up.

  2. Thassa large arbor

  3. Happy travels– keep your dong in your pocket and have fun crossing the street. Also make sure you buy a hat so you can dress up as a viet cong soldier for halloween next year… actually buy a lot of shit because it’s cheap.


  4. Fishy

    what weight rod you figure that guy is using?

  5. Bring me back something French!

  6. aw

    vui chơi và không rơi vào tình yêu ..

  7. always remember– ” your dong is the root of all evil”r

  8. dp

    didn’t think those fuken tenkara guys used reels

  9. nathaniel

    Are you independently wealthy, have an awesome job, or just save up all your extra money for these trips?

  10. dp

    i keep checking… hoping… but no.

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